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realest shit ever.

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im-satans-cat asked: Im studying Japanese and i should be in japan in2-3 years just cause im only 17. But im inlove with it there im just afraid with making friends thinking that im not saying something right etc (sorry for bad english im tired x3)

Your mistakes are how you learn, make as many as possible :) The more embarrassing they are the easier it will be to never make them again. Japanese people are almost TOO kind towards Japanese language learners, so there’s nothing to worry about!

awkwarddalekapreciation asked: Mimei, I am self studying Japanese but I won't be in Japan for a while now, do you have any tips to help me get in with the culture (to boost my learning) without actually being in the country?

Whatever you’re interested in already, try to surround yourself with that but in Japanese :) The more the better, really!

Japanese drama, variety shows, music, anime, film, manga….I listened to Japanese music for ages before I started studying Japanese so I think that helped me with my listening a lot.

Manga is really good if you’re self-studying; you can keep a notebook full of new words! But I think it’s best to just follow your interests.

I think generally people who are interested in Japan spend a lot of time reading about Japan anyways, but the more you know about the culture and history of Japan the easier it will be to fit in here (especially if you want to come to Japan to work).

And language exchanges can be great, too. Also (I’m sure I went on about it in my video about learning Japanese, but) there are lots of Japanese people on Twitter who really want to improve their English and are open to language exchanges :)

baroque-rose asked: Mimei, I have a quick question. How tall are you? In your wonderful videos, you seem to look rather tall! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

I’m not actually sure :3 I think I’m around 170cm.


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